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SO today is the 9th birthday of my first grandchild, Fynn. Not my eldest, but my first.... we're a blended family which means that our first is younger than our eldest, and our newest is older than our youngest! None of them are my blood but they have my whole heart and I am completely theirs.

Now if you've read my previous blog, you'll know how broken my body was and (especially with more birthdays than I care for behind me) keeping it in running order takes a whole lot of TLC.... kinda like a beloved old jallopy that needs constant attention to have that smooth engine purr.

And as if the rewards that I feel in myself aren't enough, the ability to run around with them, rolling around on the floor, tearing through soft-play, chasing them and (almost) keeping up with their energy is something I can never give enough thanks for.

Joe Pilates, because of you, I am able to live my best life, and be the coolest, most fun Nanny ever!

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