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Video killed the Pilates star?

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

My video-phobia had caught up with me... who'd have thought that my own tech would turn against me in this way?!

My plan for teaching on location was beautiful. I was going to pack my trusty Chromebook, which I'd impressed myself massively by tethering it to my phone, and teach from the beach! My holiday wasn;t going to stop your classes again! I'd found beautiful spots, checked my data and tested, tested, tested. Beyond excited, I felt like a tech giant.

But of course, no amount of beautiful backdrops or rehearsing could compete with good, old fashioned shitty luck as connections failed and classes fell through. Being the (what's the complete opposite to genius? yeh, that) which I am, I still have no idea what the problem was, even less how to fix it , if its even possible. hmmmm...

And then someone said 'you could record us a video'.

I'm well used to presenting, training, instructing, performing..... but being videoed?? aarrrggghhh!!!! Never done that before and a million insecurities started scuttling around my gut. But I REALLY wanted to keep my fab crew going with something, so I've put my big girl pants on and here it is!

I'm not sure if the weird quality video is just on my viewing, but the sound is ok so I hope this works for you :-)

look out for the next one, and I'll see you when I get back! :-)

Lots of love,



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Laura Taylor
Laura Taylor
Sep 06, 2020

Mum and I did it earlier, was lovely thank you xx


Thank you Louise. Have a fantastic holiday. Xx


Sep 04, 2020

Thanks Lou, have a fab holiday xx


Unknown member
Sep 04, 2020

That’s great thank you . Will enjoy ,have a great holiday and rest .

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